Ying (yingying168) wrote in wheatoncollege,

Another prospective student : )

Hello everyone! My name is Ying and I am another high school senior who is hoping to be accepted to Wheaton College.

I actually stumbled upon Wheaton quite recently, which is really late in the application process. : ( It makes me sad because I really don't know much about Wheaton other than the information on the website.

I can't seem to find the answer on the website. What's the deal with Wheaton and clubs? I'm a huge Key Club junkie and hope to be in Circle K in college, but so far it looks like Wheaton doesn't have any clubs at all?? Please help me out! (I'm planning on using this information in my supplemental essays!)


Cheers! I wish the best of luck to all other high school seniors. : )
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