Ying (yingying168) wrote in wheatoncollege,

Another prospective student : )

Hello everyone! My name is Ying and I am another high school senior who is hoping to be accepted to Wheaton College.

I actually stumbled upon Wheaton quite recently, which is really late in the application process. : ( It makes me sad because I really don't know much about Wheaton other than the information on the website.

I can't seem to find the answer on the website. What's the deal with Wheaton and clubs? I'm a huge Key Club junkie and hope to be in Circle K in college, but so far it looks like Wheaton doesn't have any clubs at all?? Please help me out! (I'm planning on using this information in my supplemental essays!)


Cheers! I wish the best of luck to all other high school seniors. : )
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Hey there!

We have a million clubs, which all used to be listed on the old SGA Web site that was recently redone. Is a Key Club the only thing you're interested in? I'm not sure we have one... what exactly is a Key Club?

Let me know what else you're interested in and I'll tell you what I know.
Key Club (www.keyclub.org) is a volunteer organization completely run by high school students, and we have huge officer positions leading up to an International President of all Key Clubs in the world, basically.

There are different versions of the club.. we have K-Kids and Builder's Club for elementary and middle schools, Circle K happens in college (not popular) and Kiwanis from grown-ups.. which is similar to the Lion's Club. I enjoy volunteering in general. :)

I'm up for joining any clubs that might seem interesting to me, and I'll probably end up choosing several ones that are the most important to me. umm.. what's up with the equestrian team? I've always wanted to learn how to ride...
I know about the equestrian team via a friend and a girl that lives across from me who I had a class with. I know you ride to Providence, Rhode Island like once a week to practice at a facility there and then on Saturdays you compete. The bad part about the scheduling is you have to get up really early on Saturday mornings, so you can't really party the night before (if you're into that). And the club itself is pretty expensive with all the equipment you have to buy. Hope that helped!
Oh also, I've heard the equestrian team is a pretty big time commitment with all the traveling involved. So it's something to consider with your classes and other clubs you plan to join.