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The Verge: College Music Conference

The Verge: College Music Conference

Hey there,

I'm posting here to let you all know about a music conference that's in the works right now. It's called THE VERGE, and it's going to take place this spring in Boston from April 19th to 21st. We're going to get 100 bands (local, unsigned, indie, and national acts — of all genres) and have them play showcases in 6 bars and clubs all along Lansdowne St. (if you don't know the city, that's right across the street from Fenway Park). There will also be a conference portion where bands and artists will work directly with students to teach and learn about all different aspects of the music industry. It's going to be an incredible opportunity for both the musicians and students involved.

To make this conference the best it can possibly be, we need a little help, hopefully from some of you wonderful students.

First, if you are in a band or know people in a band, get the word out to them about The Verge. Music acts can apply online via This is going to be an awesome conference to be a part of...most bands will get a handful of bookings on college campuses at the very least, and many more will be able to get enough bookings to provide income for an entire year. Like I said, AWESOME OPPORTUNITY.

Next, if you are a part of or know people who are a part of your college planning board, let them know that they can sign up for the conference at It’s a great place to see some awesome bands to play concerts at your school, and most of them come for not a lot of money.

So, if you know musicians or students on your events planning committee, please let them know about The Verge. Thank you!!!

P.S.-If you're interested in hearing more about The Verge, feel free to friend this journal vergeconference or join the community theverge_music.

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